As one of Canada’s top Immigration Firms, Mansouri Immigration Services (MCIS) has an international presence. They offer services in multiple languages including – English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Arabic and Turkish. They appeal a large target audience by specializing in a number of different types of services including – temporary residence, permanent residence and refused applications and denied entry.

The Challenge

Mansouri Immigration Services came to a point where they knew that digital marketing and advertising was on the rise but didn’t know where to start. They Came to SYN Interactive to ramp up their marketing presence to identify their target audience, identify the appropriate marketing channels for their services and to execute.

Our strategy was to create an omnipresence for MCIS. They were not reaching their intended audience, resulting in unqualified traffic. The first challenge was to define the target audience for every service they offer and then converting these leads into clients. As an immigration company, their target audiences were local and international. Therefore, we needed to figure out the best method to target the right areas.

The second challenge was to send the right traffic – to their website, landing pages, and social accounts. In order to do this, we put together a tailored marketing strategy for MCIS – including SEO, Google search ads, Google display ads, video production, content creation, and social media strategy.


The Strategy

Our team reviewed MCIS’s current SEO landscape and created a new organic search strategy to jumpstart their visibility. We created a new SEO plan for MCIS’s multi-language website to cover a wide range of keywords. This was to ensure that the content of their websites was in line and optimized for the right keywords with strong transactional intent.

Next, we launched paid search strategies. We worked with MCIS to create a PPC Strategy for directing traffic. With Google search ads and display ads, our focus was to bring the right people while getting the desired return on investment. In order to drive further traffic, we then launched a remarketing campaign combined with very strategic written ad copy. With this combination, we saw an increase in quality Traffic.

Instagram and Facebook can be great promotional tools for most businesses. We used Facebook & Instagram to connect MCIS with the right audience and bring quality traffic. With the use of quality content, we created a social presence for MCIS that reflected their brand.

One of the key points to getting clients is building trust and this is even more difficult when the target audience is in a different country. Our team came up with a detailed strategy for creating the right content that builds trust with potential clients. We decided to create videos to show the professional environment of MCIS along with their team structure followed by a testimonial video which had phenomenal results. With the use of video production and new content creation, we saw an increase in engagement and traffic across multiple channels, the testimonial video itself got 138,182 views.

Dedication To Results

Delivering above expectations for MCIS, to date some of our achievements include:

  • Increased SEO Traffic for Targeted Keywords by 261%
  • Improved average position of keywords by 25%
  • Improved CTR by 15%
  • Increased Facebook page likes by 20%
  • Our paid Social Media Ads generated over 1 Million impressions
  • Using our detailed marketing funnels we generated over 7000+ qualified leads
  • Increased post engagement by 55%
  • Increased Instagram followers by 37.92%
  • Increased traffic to website from Instagram by 60.5%
  • The video testimonial got 138,182


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