Mazaheri Team is renowned for its roster of Vancouver’s finest properties. From multimillion-dollar luxury homes in West and North Vancouver to smart and upscale downtown condos, they have an unparalleled knowledge of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods and distinguished properties.

They approached SYN Interactive with definite services and goals in mind:

Social media advertising designed to engage their target market

Generation of relevant and higher-quality leads

Increased brand awareness in a specific market

We met with Mazaheri Team and gained a solid understanding of both their business and what they were looking to achieve. It quickly became apparent that they were interested in growing their brand via a more sophisticated social media presence as well as attracting more clients via strategic and intuitive lead generation campaigns. With all this in mind, we set out to deliver services that made sense for their business.

Facebook and Instagram Advertisement

We created high-quality content for Mazaheri Team’s Facebook and Instagram accounts as part of a targeted social media advertising campaign. Social media marketing is one of our most sought-after services, and the results we achieved for this client more than justified our positive reputation.

To create more brand awareness for the agency on Facebook, we used content and ads that targeted their ideal audience and increased follower count. Their Instagram account was populated with the right content and imagery for their market, creating a loyal network by engaging both new and existing followers.

Google AdWords and PPC

Appreciating the volatility of the Vancouver real estate market, we moved quickly to create highly-targeted campaigns within a tight time frame. The knowledge and experience of our  Google AdWords and PPC team resulted in a campaign that we managed, optimized, and monitored with great success. Close oversight and quick action on substantial improvements exceeded client expectations in terms of results.

 Lead Generation

We invested substantial time and resources in creating lead generation campaigns with specified goals. Each one had a dedicated landing page and specific key performance indicators that enabled us to measure how well these campaigns were working. The outcome was an increase in both the number and quality of incoming leads.

We are pleased to confirm that our work with Mazahri Team is both highly successful and long-term in scope. SYN Interactive invests considerable time and resources in making sure that we both stay current with the latest developments in social media marketing and continually evolve to remain at the forefront of our industry. It’s a level of expertise that we plan to use to improve Mazahri Team’s business and the brand now and in the future.

Dedication To Results

Paving a foundation for future digital marketing success, to date some of our achievements include:

  • Generated over 400 leads
  • Our brand awareness campaigns generated over local 161,000 Impressions
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