Propella is a Seattle-based company with a mission to bridge the gap between bicycles and electric bikes. They have designed road and city electric bikes with simplicity, lightweight, and reliability in mind. The 2nd generation of Propella’s electric bike combines high-quality components with the latest battery technology to create a lightweight electric bike with the agility and feel of a traditional road bike. They first launched an Indiegogo campaign in 2016 and hit the ground running with a very successful campaign.

The Challenge

Propella came to SYN Interactive to launch Propella 2.2, in need to break societal belief. Propella faced the challenge of customer product knowledge. The general public has a different definition of what an electric bike is and what Propella 2.2 can actually do for them.  SYN Interactive had to develop a plan to help break the following myths:

  • E-bikes are heavy bikes that go fast
  • E-bikes are too expensive
  • E-bikes are not good for exercising
  • E-bikes are heavy and you can take them everywhere


In order to break free from these limiting beliefs, we started by building and focusing on brand awareness – through re-introducing Propella 2.2 and the value it offers. Our team started by creating awareness through social campaigns. Our goal was to communicate with the audience and make them aware of how Propella can change their biking experience.

Getting serious about social –  in strengthening the brand identity and brand voice, we leveraged social media to find new custom audiences. However, social media users are flooded with content from start-up companies making it a little difficult to catch the users attention. With this in mind, our team created and launched over 60 unique ad sets over Instagram and Facebook. We monitored and continuously made changes to the copy and creative to find the best responding ad. The next challenge was to define the brand positioning and relay the brand offer. To accomplish this, we worked closely with Propella’s team to engage the reached and targeted customers by developing a contest strategy.

Propella Contest

A comprehensive campaign audit and Conversion Optimization– Propella was already using Google Search Ads. Our Google Ads experts went in and reviewed their current campaigns and helped by revamping their approach. Our approach was to use a combination of search and display marketing.

Working with Propella’s team we created custom audiences on Google AdWords, targeted online websites related to their industry and optimized the ads towards people who were more likely to purchase their product online. Creating brand value takes time and being remembered by customers, even more. We also launched a remarketing strategy which resulted in over 160,517.

ConversionDedication To Results

To date, some of our achievements include:

  • Increased Sales by 20%
  • Our Social Media Paid advertisement got over 155,000 impressions
  • Our engagement campaign got an average of $0.06 per engagement
  • Our Display Advertisement got over 160,517 impressions
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