Silvertouch Cabinets have been in business for over 10 years. They take pride in helping families across Burnaby and the Lower Mainland to bring their dream kitchen and bathroom to life. Not only do they renovate but they also help build custom bookshelves, storage units – you name it and they can build it!

Being a local family owned and operated business, they really created a culture around this aspect. Their focus has always been to build long lasting relationships and provide great quality and service.

The Digital Challenge

Becoming an established company before the internet boom, they faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional marketing methods to adapting to new age marketing techniques.

Conducting a review of their promotional strategy revealed that in terms of marketing strategy little had changed over the last 10 years. Being a family operated business most of their clients were from referrals and word of mouth.

With no online presence and competition surpassing them because of the information provided online they decided it was time to partner with SYN Interactive to jump-start their online marketing.

The main strategy here for Silvertouch cabinets was to find a place in digital advertising and create an online presence.

With an offline beginning, our team really needed to brainstorm how to get Silvertouch Cabinets to generate more leads through an online platform.

Our first step was to create Silvertouch Cabinets a WordPress website. This new design, combined with a social media strategy, testimonial videos, social media ads and Google Ads would serve three main features – to create brand awareness, to engage with a wide audience focused on local and to generate traffic.

As you can imagine purchasing cabinets for a home is not a quick decision and now a day’s people take their time to do their own homework and online research. We needed to create brand buzz and awareness around Silvertouch Cabinets’ services, experience and knowledge of the industry.

We then created a social media strategy and to complement with paid search efforts to help determine the target market and drive traffic. Our Google Ads experts then implemented a remarketing campaign to make an impression and we got it! We have seen a 76.9% increase in web traffic from social media and also an increase in monthly phone calls from prospective new clients.

In order to build trust with potential clients and to show customer satisfaction, our team also decided to create an amazing testimonial video with loyal clients which had a tremendous impact on their newly found target audience.

Dedication To Results

Another successful milestone was reached – to date some of our achievements include:

  • 23.09% increase in local Instagram followers
  • 76.9% increase in Web Traffic from Social Media
  • Increased conversion by 30% while decreasing cost by 15%
  • Monthly phone calls increased by 50%
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