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AdWords / PPC Management

Get a Top-Converting Marketing Tool on Your Side.


Google Adwords ranks as one of the top converting digital marketing tools, next to SEO. Not everyone is willing to wait over three months to hit the Google top spot organically, so if you want faster results, AdWords can deliver preferred placement at an affordable cost.

We have years of experience in Google Adwords campaigns and have managed thousands of dollars in PPC ad spend with optimal results. SYN Interactive is always current with the changing PPC strategies, and uses a methodology that takes the following factors into account:

Current site analytics

Engagement metrics

Conversion rates

Applicable profit margins

Whether you currently have a PPC campaign in progress and need expert assistance in taking it to the next level, or you and your business are 100% new to the world of Google Adwords, SYN Interactive will walk you through every step of the process and show you how to improve your AdWords or start a whole new campaign. We are your teachers, partners, and cheerleading team rolled into one!


We have advanced marketing analytics expertise that translates into accurately optimized campaigns with high conversion rates.


Our content writing expertise enables us to create ad copy that captures customer attention and inspires the clicks you need.


Our experienced web development team will ensure that all of your landing pages are properly optimized to capture quality leads at high rates.


We develop strategic marketing campaigns aimed at the traffic brought in from your PPC campaigns, turning them from clickthroughs into dedicated brand followers.


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