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Social Media Advertising

Using Social Media to Get You Leads and Sales

An estimated 18.4% of digital ad spending across the globe goes into Facebook ad marketing. It’s easy to see why- as the world’s biggest social media platform, you have an excellent opportunity to reach your ideal clients at their favorite digital hangout.

Our Facebook ad management team will help you plan your advertising budget based on factors that maximize your profitability. Then we will:

Design ads that will appeal to your intended audience

Set up your campaigns

Analyze the data on an ongoing basis

Optimize ad performance to generate better performance and profits

SYN Interactive specializes in growing businesses, and we are pleased to say that our clients have, over time, enjoyed higher sales volumes at increasingly lower costs per sale from their ad campaigns. Let us help you reach your audience via Facebook and deliver messages that resonate.

Market Research

Using highly relevant factors like demographics and interests, we identify and target your ideal customer on Facebook.


Our copywriting team will create compelling ad copy and design images that visually connect your ads and landing page with your brand.

Landing Pages

We design custom landing pages for your ad, making it much easier to track incoming traffic from your Facebook ad campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

We carefully and precisely track the number of leads and sales generated by your Facebook Ads, so that you know your return on investment (ROI).