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Learn to Code

Our goal is to share our knowledge with as many people as we can.

We believe that programming is the future.

With everything being automated and new software coming out daily, the world relies heavily on tech companies and their coding skills.
Aside from the fact that coding teaches you how to think and solve problems, it is also a marketable skill that will open doors for you. There’s a lot of flexibility attached to it as you can choose to start a career as a software developer or even freelance.

According to there will be 1.4 million computing jobs by 2020 and there will be only 400,000 qualified people.

Software Development & Design is our passion and our goal is to share our knowledge and help as many people as we can.

Our philosophy is: “Don’t imitate, understand”. You can’t skip the fundamentals, you have to challenge yourself, you must always learn new skills, and most importantly you have to get your hands dirty and work on real-life projects. That’s what we do at SYN Interactive‘s Academy.

Here are some of the technologies you can learn at our Free Workshops

HTML5 Learn Programming Vancouver Programming Workshops


The basis of building any website or web application.

CSS3 Become a web developer Vancouver code


Gives you ability to create beautiful modern websites.

JavaScript Training Vancouver Free Workshops


Allows you to add interactivity to your websites.

Bootsrap Development

Bootstrap Framework

Helps you design mobile responsive websites.

Become a programmer by learning Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented

Start thinking like a programmer.



A popular JavaScript framework that enables you to create dynamic websites.

UX Design & Strategy

User Experience

Create engaging web and mobile applications.

Search Engine Optimization


Learn best practices of Search Engine Optimization.

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