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Communication is taking many shapes & forms; hence strategy & planning have become the connective tissue of unifying all content, channels, & platforms.

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Strategy & Planning are the most important steps in getting the best results.

Our Process


Understanding your business goals

We will brainstorm with you to understand your business better; we perform a competitive analysis to find the weaknesses of your competition and the opportunities hidden in your target market.


Defining the right audience

One of the most important steps that most businesses miss is understanding the target audience. We will define personas that cover the right target audience for your business. This will become more apparent as we perform various tests throughout your marketing plan.


Finding the best solution

In today's world, communication has taken many shapes and forms; it's our job to find the best way to reach your target audience. With the help of our experts, we will narrow down best methods to capture your audience's attention.


Developing a strategy and prioritizing

We will brainstorm with you to create the right strategy based on your business objectives, target audience, and budget. We will set milestones and will involve you in every step of the way.


Increasing ROI while keeping things within your budget

We understand that every business has a budget for marketing and our goal is to keep our focus on your ROI and assist you in obtaining a positive return on your investment.


Execute. Get Results. Make Decision. Grow.

Our team of experts specializes in getting serious results based on the strategy that is tailored to your business. Our goal is that your business grows so that we can grow with you. Some of the companies we serve have been with us since the start of their business.


A few of businesses we serve

Arxa Development
Caspian Stone
Code Station Academy
CS Furniture By Design
Gastown Collectibles Inc.
Grainger Constructions LTD.
Greenfield Landscaping LTD.
SASA Consulting LTD.
MPower Pro Fitness
Mr. Marble & Stone
Trust Auto Group
5 Star Presales
Gardenia Homes LTD.
Sweet Lemon Catering
Westview Dental Clinic
AES Writing
Digital Marketing
Lash Cartel
Vancouver Top Presales
ABC Aluminum

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Whether you are a web designer/developer or you are a business owner in need of an effective design, it's storytelling that matters. Good web design is the result of good storytelling. Why? There are several incredibly important reasons to do this:
  • According to many different studies and statistics, most websites have from as little as 0.05 seconds to six full seconds in which to make the right impression. Either way, that is not a lot of time, and it means that your website's landing and/or home page must be strong, on point, and illustrate the overall story of the firm or organization. Good story can convey a ton of information quickly, concisely and effectively.
  • Every brand and/or website does indeed have a story, and your clients will expect you to be able to bring that to life through such things as the logo, the layout, the graphics and any other element of your design work.
  • According to one authority, "our brains respond to content by looking for the story that explains the situation. The story helps us create cognitive maps, mental models and narratives." Good design is going to be able to do this, and always in line with a client's goals.
  • We live in the age of information overload, and if you can effectively tell a story through your design, you are on the road to success.
Of course, you may be wondering just how you can combine storytelling with all that you know of web design. Whether you are reading this as a form of career advice or seeking to understand optimal web design, you can see how storytelling merges with web design on many points. For instance, a website needs to know its audience and just how to ensure it will meet the needs of the audience. The design of any website is also driven by the goals of the players (the company, website owner, etc.). Any site must show rather than tell and should be easy to understand. It has to be engaging to the intended audience and feature universal elements that are both familiar and yet likely to hold interest. The very best and most successful firms offering web design understand just how to incorporate storytelling into each page of a site. They will be able to balance the visual material and layout, the content and the user experience. This helps to create connections between all the information. Let’s take a look at the home page of SYN Interactive. A Vancouver based digital agency and web design company.

Here are a few techniques used here to deliver a story to target audience:

1. Your logo should show your company’s personality

Your logo should deliver what you are capable of doing. Using bold colors shows confidence. The red in SYN Interactive’s Logo shows the energy, excitement, and passion of the company. It also puts more emphasis on the letter “S” which helps the audience remember the S and associate it to SYN Interactive.  

2. Using the right graphics & typography

Here is the part where you need to completely understand who your audience is. In the example below target audience is software companies, startup companies, or professionals who have some knowledge about mobile and web development. Web Designers Must Be Storytellers 2   The graphic shows a screenshot of an application in a mobile phone. The screenshot shows a “User Profile”. The text puts more emphasis on “Web & Mobile App Development” which helps the audience understand that the company provides “Web Based” or “Native Mobile App Development” and is capable of delivering multi-user applications. The smaller font size gets into more technical details about “Single Page, Cross Platform Applications” which only users with more technical knowledge will understand.

3. Using the right icons

Icons are a very powerful way of communicating with your audience. Let’s look at the few of icons used on SYN Interactive’s website:
  • Affordable Web Design: The icon immediately communicates to the user that website’s developed by SYN Interactive are “Responsive” and will work perfectly on all devices.
Wordpress web design packages
  • UX Strategy / CRO: The icon shows that SYN Interactive can provide UX strategy to take the user from top of the conversion funnel to actual buyers.
UX Strategy / CRO

4. Showcasing your work

Showcasing products, you have built or services you have delivered can help with telling a good story about your company. It shows the trust you have built with these clients. It presents the range of services you offer and the sizes of companies you work with.   MPower Pro Fitness Design & Branding For more examples on web design and storytelling SYN Interactive to see how they have used storytelling, user experience, and custom web development for their clients to effectively tell the story and grow an audience. Sources:  
An article in Search Engine Journal noted that search engine optimization once caused some would-be marketers to "brute force" their way to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) by flooding a page with keywords. Repeating competitive phrases or terms in small blocks of text did once put a site at the top of the list. Yet, the value of the sites were always questionable. Clearly, they weren't so much interested in what a reader of such a page experienced, but instead focused on driving traffic to their site by ranking high in search results. These were the sites hit hardest when Google introduced changes to its algorithm - such as the famous Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates that sent some sites into the search engine abyss. Yet, at the same time, some sites made it through the algorithm changes as if they had not occurred at all. Why? Because the sites were designed with the customer in mind, and only after designing and writing for consumer needs did search engine optimization enter the equation. This means that the website owners placed an emphasis on user experience or UX. What Is User Experience? The simplest definition of UX is "all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products." Yet, it is more than that. It has to be about the ease or pleasure that the end-user enjoys when using a product or website. It is why those sites mentioned above were able to weather algorithm changes. They used good web design, thought about search engine optimization, but also optimized through user experience design, too. This is something that can require an entirely unique level of expertise as it is different (though aligned) with both web design and SEO. Yet, all three issues do one thing - they focus strictly on the website visitor or user. This is precisely why Google and other search engines give such value to obvious user experience design in a site. While search engines are meant to do one thing - send users to the pages they are seeking - they also do something else. They harvest data like there's no tomorrow. They are designed to understand or draw logical conclusions from "user behavior" and patterns. This is why algorithms get updated - to allow search engine users to avoid useless results and get only the URLs or sites they actually want. How does this add more value to user experience design? Let's turn to the experts again: "websites that do a better job of meeting the needs of searchers have a better chance of landing on the first page of the search results." The Hurtles of User Experience Design If you have been striving towards effective SEO, but not getting the returns you desire, it could be that user experience design is in need of attention. Take note, though because not all UX methods work for all sites. As we said a bit earlier, it can take a bit of expertise to understand the most effective ways of utilizing user experience design. If you have questions, get in touch with SYN Interactive to talk about SEO, UX design and more. Sources
You may already understand the meanings of terms like responsive web design and SEO, but have you taken steps to be sure you are in sync with these concepts? If your website is the way you earn a living, or intend to, it has to be influenced by such concepts. So…What IS Responsive Design? If you are unaware of the meaning of responsive web design, it is very simple. It is just as it sounds, and is web design that makes each page of your website or blog look and function well and directly in response to the device on which it is seen. Your responsive website will look good on a desktop but also a smartphone or a tablet. It will automatically optimize the layout of a page, resizing, moving or even hiding content to ensure the best appearance and performance on the device. In other words, responsive web design makes your site "mobile friendly" at all times. In the recent past, a website owner had to have separate designs for mobile browsing, with the website visitor opting to use a mobile site when using a device other than the laptop or desktop. Thus, website owners used to require two or more URLs for the exact same material. Today, responsive design guarantees a seamless transition from device to device, but it is more important to you than simple convenience. After all, the need to maintain only a single URL puts time in your hands, money in your pocket and boosts SEO exponentially. It also makes it possible to interact with the enormous mobile market, which is something you must plan on doing. So, if you wish to tap into, or grow your footing in the mobile market - responsive design is the only way to go. Some Worthy Statistics Here are some simple but infallible facts and statistics that emphasize the importance of ensuring your website design is responsive:
  • More than 55% of web traffic is going to come from mobile devices (and nearly 60% of all American consumers own a smartphone capable of browsing).
  • Mobile shopping is estimated to be done by more than 80% of all smartphone owners.
  • Social media is one of the key activities done on mobile devices. If your SEO and/or marketing occurs on social media, and features links to your site (which it MUST), you are going to see an ongoing increase in mobile visits.
  • Because responsive web design really optimizes any user's experience, you won't see people navigating away quickly, or after attempting to zoom, move or somehow use a desktop site on a mobile device. It is naturally going to improve your ranking and results, but also increase your conversion rates and cut "bounces" substantially.
  • Mobile phone searching exceeded desktop searching in 2015. Google now uses single URLs, and your responsive site means your SEO efforts increase dramatically.
Now, think about this for a moment. Responsive design means one website to manage, improve and build. This saves you an immense amount of time and money. You enjoy a measurably higher ROI on every effort and get more accurate data thanks to that single stream of user data. Google is also now rewarding mobile friendliness in higher search engine ranking, too. Read to learn more about responsive design? If so, Sync Interactive has web design as well as WordPress web design packages that can help you to enjoy the many immediate and long term benefits of making such an upgrade. Sources
I decided to start my Web Development series with JavaScript. If you think about Web Development, JavaScript would be the action part of it. It's what we use to interact with different elements of a web page. If you want to learn to code, consider JavaScript as one of the most important technologies. Once you understand JavaScript sky is the limit, you can pick up almost any framework out there. So let's dive into it right away.

How JavaScript handles Data Types

Types of data in JavaScript is different from any other language you might be used to. For example, in many languages you need to specifically mention that the type of data is integer or a double or a string. Those languages use what is known as Static Typing. In JavaScript however; we have what is known as Dynamic Typing. What this means is that we don't have to specifically tell the JavaScript engine what type of data we are using. This is figured out once your code is running.

Primitive Data Types in JavaScript

A primitive type is a type of data that can only have on value and is NOT a collection of items. In JavaScript there are six basic types of data:
  1. Undefined: It means that there is no value
  2. Null: It also means that there is no value.
  3. Boolean: It is either true or false.
  4. Number: It is the only numeric type in JavaScript.
  5. String: It is a collection of characters that could be in a single quote or a double quote.
  6. Symbol: This one is in the new version of JavaScript (ES6) and we will talk about it in more details in our JavaScript ES6 tutorials
Here are a few examples: [php] //Undefined undefined //Null null //Boolean true false //Number 100 -20 0.05 1.11111 //String 'This is a String' "This is also a String" '123' "1a2b3c" [/php]