Acucure Acupuncture Clinic entered the field of alternative medicine offering holistic methods to help with pain management, weight management, skin and beauty rejuvenation techniques. They opened the doors to their clinic, merely five months ago. Services offered includes acupuncture, qi beauty and cupping therapy.

The Digital Challenge

Acucure came to SYN Interactive to help solve two main problems they were facing. The first being it was a new business and they needed to be heard. The second challenge was bringing in clients from surrounding cities. Acucure is located in North Vancouver but how would they attract customers from the around?

Our main objective was to leverage various channels to bring in direct leads and customers, build the brand in the local community and develop a strategy to bring people who live outside of North Vancouver to the clinic. This strategy became our roadmap –  a detailed plan was created and brought to life to achieve results.

The Strategy

Acucure had partnered with SYN Interactive right before they opened their doors to the clinic, hence, our team went right to work. We carried out research to determine what social channels to use, what digital strategies they needed and what their industry wanted to achieve these goals.

However, they also had no website so we began with the website experience – we had to create a site that would deliver the appropriate information to Acucure’s customers. Our SEO experts then went to work – creating the best opportunity that helped bring them up on Google search organically.

We then fused our extensive understanding of alternative medicine and technology to implement Google Adwords Campaign and social media campaign.  We wanted Acucure’s voice to be heard above the noise of others.

Social media platform management and growth is a lot to grasp when you need to perform your services and focus on customer relationship building. Our team of digital marketers developed and created a tailored social media strategy consistent to their branding and then executed the plan. We began with engagement on their social media accounts which resulted in an increase of total social followers on Instagram. We then launched a brand awareness campaign, combined with the creation of a contest. This combination led us to see and 84.3% increase of website traffic directly from social media.

While managing this highly successful digital strategy across the multiple channels Acucure seen an increase in revenue by 50% in the first month!

Dedication To Results

Paving a path for success, to date some of our achievements include:

  • 55% increase in Google Rankings
  • 900% increase in Bing Rankings
  • 72% increase in Organic Traffic
  • 48% reduction in Bounce Rate
  • 60.42% increase in Instagram Total Followers
  • 84.3% increase in Website Traffic from Social Media
  • 144% increase in Website Organic Traffic
  • Increased Revenue by 50% in the first month
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